Obama Admistrative Musings and response from the Northwest

a. We will see that economic revitalization is consummated with green jobs and clean energy

b. My dear, dopey citizen we will reduce gloal warming emissions and set you free from foreign oil at the same time protecting everything that walks, swims and grows (humans need not apply) thereby reducing the planets stress.  The sun, geothermal and God are excepted.

c.  We have passed the stimulus bill and invested  in mass transit, renewables and weatherization. “A green plan for the economy will provide a path out of poverty and a more just society (middle class need not apply)

d. Hybrids, solar panels and wind turbines; our gift to you,  are very expensive so for now be content with green jobs and less pollution. (Gulf of Mexico excepted)

e. Californians we have a special gift for you.  It is a waiver under the Clean Air Act in order that you may enforce your own tougher pollution standards and build a prosperous and bright future.  (ya right)

f. People of the U.S. have no fear of high petrol prices.  We will start a legal review of off-shore oil and gas leases and begin environmental reviews.  Oh! In the meantime we have this problem in the Gulf.  But as soon as that is cleaned up…

g.  So. We have halted lease sales in the Arctic Oceean, Bristol Bay and conservation areas in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (Oh hell; just cede Alaska and Arctic circle to us)

h.  Al Gore and the Marxist Greens wish you a clean and oil free life and long live the Browner/Obama green team.

Hey America! How is it all working for you.  Here are a few of my thougts.

The clarion call for big tax bucks will resume.  Yours and my money paying for the country’s distruction.  “Invest in those green jobs” says the President.  “we must free ourselves from the evil of fossil fuels and generate the energy needed to run the country with wind, solar, biomass and geothermal power.  Send the displaced workers out to build turbines, panels and grids.”

Meanwhile…back to the real world of national interest and a true realist; Putin of Russia.  Didn’t he say last year that Russia will explore and produce fossil fuels and generate the energy needed to run his country.  I recall his saying “build more refineries and pipelines”.  In Iran, Qatar and Russia he called for a natural gas cartel.  Gather together Algeria, Indonesia, Libya, Venezuela and work to “break the U.S. dominance of the worlds economy”

Putin needn’t work so hard.  Obama is doing the heavy lifting.