Enemies of the State

Tim Wirth is a retired Senator from Colorado.  These days he is busy at the U.N with matters relating to global warming.  On the twenty ninth of January he moderated a panel sponsored by the World Economic Council on Climate Change Davos Switzerland.  The panel was notable for its anti-American bias as participants laid the ground work for the next climate change summit in Mexico.

The star of the panel was President Calderon.  He appeared to be on the hot seat since the last summit in Copenhagen was described as anything except successful.  He strained credulity trying to describe Mexico’s progress in combating global warming and limiting CO2 emissions.  The goal in his Country is 18% reduction by 2012 and 30% by 2020.  This goal will be met, Caleron said, provided the United States gets serious with regulatory and legislative mandates.

This leads me to the co-star of the meeting, Representative Markey from MA.  He was quick to state that the OBama Administration was intent on reducing carbon emissions  and added, parenthetically, that the recent elections in his State changed the political landscape only slightly and the will to combat global warming was as strong as ever.  Mr. Markey added this; even if legislation is stalled in the Congress the EPA has sufficient legislative muscle to get the job done.  He spoke about his efforts in drafting Cap and Trade legislation and shepherding the bill through the house.

I couldn’t help thinking he was right.  Cap and Trade may only be a smoke screen as far as the environmentalists getting their way in crippling the black fuel industry in America.  They are being hassled, badgered and taking violence square on the chin.  There will be no drilling for oil of shore, ANWR or any other place requiring new development.  The coal industry is being choked by legal pollution as coal fired plants, one by one are the targets of the environmental coalitions across the country.  Our military defenses will be impacted one day, leaving this Country at risk while we try to fight the war on Islamic terrorists and prevent conventional attacks by our many enemies across the Globe.

I am thinking, given the lack of any research and development or new construction, that Nuclear energy is just a fantasy.  Obama’s recent conversion is a cynical ploy to mollify the masses.  It goes on and on.  New sources of energy lying outside the vaunted “renewables” is left sucking the rarefied air of discovery, development and production because of thuggish environmentalist behavior on all fronts.

So the bottom line for me is this.  An enemy of the U.S. could not have come up with a more efficient weapon aimed at destroying our war making and defense posture than global warming hysteria and the subsequent  frenzy to reduce CO2 emissions.