Scott Brown and the bright line

The punditry chimed in loud and clear.  The MA results have been explained.  Scott Brown’s victory was the result of a combination of Martha Coakley‘s ineptitude and a massive disaffection among independents with her campaign.  It is as if the vaporous Scott Brown and his vaunted truck exist only in the abstract.

Although the elite liberal class will never, much to their detriment, understand the reality of yesterdays election a conservative will get it immediately.  Brown’s victory is a fresh rebirth of the Founders vision.  A vision, as Scott Brown put it so well, that John Adams and his brothers gave up so much for.   In a style  well suited, he gave flesh to that vision anew.  The Senator elect laid it out there clearly in a way that the current crop of liberal will never understand.  That is the relationship between governments and the governed that assure liberty.

Lessons learned, to barrow a phrase, rests, not with the Administration and Congress but with the citizenry.  He will carry away from MA an abiding understanding of what it will take to make a course adjustment in this Country’s direction.

In every aspect of governance the fuzzy lines of “big tent” thinking as articulated by Sen Mitch McConnell and John McCain and bipartisanship as touted by just about everyone in the Beltway will be scrubbed away.  Scott Brown’s victory resulted from erasing the blurred divisions between right and left.  And they were erased only because the candidate did the erasing.  Granted, he clarified national defense, big government, high taxes, and health care for the MA electorate while leaving life, guns, energy, honesty and a free press for an other day.  Hope and change spring eternal.