"OMG, Random Politician did a Random Thing of which I approve! Random Politician 2012"

OMG, you guys!  Random Politician just spoke at a random event and blew me away!  And this comes on the heels of his Random Action for which he was specifically elected.  I think I just found my dream candidate for 2012!

Conservative Bona Fides? Did you HEAR his speech?  Did you WITNESS the carrying out of his specific mandate  by doing the exact Random Thing he did?

And that Thing he said at the Rally?  It was just SO perfect!

I mean, sure, he’s enacted job-killing universal health programs, begged for tax increases, championed amnesty for illegals, abandoned his elected position, and slaughtered multiple neighborhood cats –but he’s already made promises to go completely against his demonstrated nature!  What more could you ask for?!

The Establishment is already wetting themselves and spreading lies about the guy, based solely on things like witness testimony and signed confessions, so what does THAT tell you?  Obama and Company had better be VERY afraid — the MSM is even now working hard on a smear campaign involving Saturday Night Live and an upcoming episode of Handy Manny!  I’m telling you, THIS is the GUY.  And if we can team Random Politician up with Guy Who Won An Election Once, they’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

RP/GWWAEO 2010!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere in the recent comments, a much smarter poster than I suggested to a fellow poster that (and I’m paraphrasing), if you can’t sell your candidate to Conservatives, there’s no way you can sell him (or her) to your neighbors and coworkers.

If I could make a suggestion: We’re still very early in the election season.  You have some time to understand your candidates, and what they mean to the important issues.  Bone up.  And when you come to RedState — or, really, any political blog — to sell them, whether it’s in a blog of your own, or just in the comment section, come prepared with real and actual facts.  Not big words.  Not talking points from the ’08 election.  Not mere enthusiasm.  Come with meaningful reasons for other Conservatives to be excited.

Don’t take criticism or skepticism personally, but see it as a challenge to do better.  We’re Conservatives.  We’re predisposed to support Conservative candidates.  If something about said Candidate is rubbing somebody here the wrong way, look at the situation and decide whether or not it’s worth debating.  If it is, then debate.  Lead off with the goods.  Tell me the important stuff.  I’m not looking for a date to the prom; I’m looking for somebody to lead our country.  I don’t want to hear that a candidate is “fearless” or “solid” or even “has a good personality.”  I want details.

We’re skeptical because we’re Conservatives.  If we could be sucked in by personality cult or vapid, pie-in-the-sky prose, we’d have voted for Obama.

In short, think of RS as your training ground for the big event.  Once the pre-game’s over, and the actual elections start, you’re gonna have to be on your game.  Anything less is a waste of your time.

And remember, once the primaries ARE over (and from the looks of things, it’s gonna be brutal, and we’re ALL gonna be more than a little sick of it all), the men and women of RedState are your brothers and sisters in arms.  And if they’re going into battle with you, it’d be nice if they didn’t have to worry about whether you came unarmed.

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