Putting all this "civil war" talk where it belongs: Chuck Norris style

If you haven’t already seen the new NRA ad for their latest get-out-the-vote campaign, it’s well worth a look.  Not only because it raises an excellent point about the wannabe Rambos talking revolution or secession, but, darnit, it’s funny.

Nobody would deny — well, nobody familiar with the actual Constitution would deny — that the Second Amendment exists as a means of protecting the citizens’ right and ability to defend against tyranny.  However, most of us would also not deny that it is a last resort.  A worst-case scenario.  Don’t-Tread-On-Me Conservatives — real ones; Tea Party Patriots, if you will — aren’t out training McVey style and preparing to take up arms against the police, the FBI, the CIA, the PTA and the US Military.

No matter what MSNBC wants you to think.

Make no mistake.  We are building an army.  But it is an army of activists and voters.  And, of course, as RedState diarist Cold Warrior would remind us, we are working, not to subvert the system, but using the system to achieve our goals.  Soldiers armed with facts, faith, and fortitude.  And, yes, we are planning a takeover.  A takeover of the Republican Party and a retaking of our government — For, By and Of the People.  But, this is not a violent resistance.  Our bullets are our votes; our WMD facts and the ability to tell them.

Some people will say the NRA is just doing the liberals’ job for them: painting us “don’t-tread” types as gun-toting redneck morons fantasizing about becoming the next Walker, Texas Ranger, and doing a cowboy-booted roundhouse on Obama.  In truth, I’m glad they put it out there, because that element exists, and has to be dealt with.

We’re at war in this country.  But it is a war of ideals.  And it won’t be won by superior firepower, but by the votes of an educated public.