Hoffman collects two big Conservative endorsements in NY-23

Former Republican Presidential Candidate (and my personal pick for the job, if we’re to be completely honest about it), Fred Thompson sent out a letter to supporters of his political action committee, urging support of NY-23 Congressional Candidate Doug Hoffman.

In that letter, Thompson refers to Hoffman as the “True Conservative” in the race for NY-23 — an assessment with which, given the record of the “Republican” in this race, Dede Scozzafava, I have to concur –and sees the race as “an opportunity to send a message to Washington, to the Obama Administration, and to the politicians who have made careers of ignoring the will of the people they represent.”

Aside from Thompson, the Club for Growth has also thrown in for Hoffman.  In a press release issued today, CFG President Chris Chocola all but denounced both Democrat candidate Bill Owens AND Republican pick Dede Scozzafava as being partisan liberals:

After months of runaway spending, bailouts, and record deficits, the last thing we need in Congress is another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats.

The CFG also posted a poll of three hundred area voters which suggests the race is in a dead heat between the three candidates.  Though that poll was pretty clearly partisan and probably not to be trusted as a true and accurate source, it is clear that Hoffman, though not running as a Republican, can count on Republican support as Conservatives seek to reclaim Congress.

With the date for the election now set for Nov. 3, I sincerely hope that all the Republicans in NY-23 will stand up for Real Republican values and vote, not for candidate-select Scozzafava, but for Conservative candidate and the REAL Republican in this race, Doug Hoffman.

As for the eleven who put their ignorant perceptions of “electibility” over policy and values… I propose we deal with THEM as soon as possible.

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