Retail Sales Down? WTF?

Against all odds, in spite of trillions of dollars being funneled to auto manufacturers, insurers and financial institutions, billions of dollars spent on state and federal makework projects and millions in proposed new taxes, people just aren’t buying stuff.  According to Fox News, sales dropped 1.1 per cent — further than the .03 per cent originally projected.

Listen, people.  Your children aren’t going to bankrupt themselves.  And, frankly, there is only so much the government can do — even the government under Barack Obama.  Sure, the man can perform miracles, but you have got to do your part, too.

Now, in his benevolence, Obama is still trying to help, through increased business taxes, which will of course be passed on to you.  But you’re an important part of this equation.  Pay your taxes — it is, after all the patriotic thing to do.  And, for God’s sake, stop squirrelling away your money.  The President has shown the way to nickel and dime your kids out of prosperity, and it is time we learn from his example.  So drop those remaining dollars on iPods, DVD collections — whatever.

The Obama administration has worked hard to get money into the hands of people who need it least; it is up to you, now, to do your part.

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