"Don't think we're not keeping score" -- bipartisanship under the Obama administration

(cross-posted at SLC Republitarian)

The President may be a lot of things, few of them flattering, but one thing he is not is politically stupid.  Becoming known for calling out Republican rivals, Obama is now, carefully, working to spread the word that His Excellency will brook no deviation from within the ranks.  And, though he has the political acumen to hide his threats in laughter, even those on his own side aren’t missing the underlying message.

In a meeting of House Dems on Monday, Obama recalled Oregon Rep Peter DeFazio’s dissension regarding the disastrous “stimulus” bill:

“I know you think we need more for that because you voted against” the stimulus bill in February, Obama told DeFazio during a question-and-answer session with about 150 House Democrats at the Capitol.

“Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” Obama added, as other lawmakers howled with laughter. …

This is, indeed, new politics here in the US.  Obama promised change, and now we begin to see the scope of it.  Not only is Barack Obama not even trying to keep his campaign promises of openness and bipartisanship, but we see now that he will accept no alternatives or dissent from his liberal agenda — from anybody.

Message received, Mr. President.  Your laughter isn’t fooling anyone.