Paterson decides against fat tax, other fees... for now

(cross-posted at SLC Republitarian)

New York’s illustrious “governor” Paterson has issued a statement saying he no longer needs to levy the entire tax and fee package against New York’s citizens, because of money coming to the state from Obama’s “Stimulus” package. The $11 billion from Washington will help Paterson back away from his more politically detrimental tax and fee suggestions, such as the softdrink tax, download fees and taxes, and more.

He does plan on keeping several of the new or higher fees or taxes he’d proposed, since his administration is unable or unwilling to trim enough fat out of the budget. Of course, much of New York’s overhead has to do with enforcement of codes, rules, regulations and laws. There’s a reason “over-regulated” often turns into “over-taxed” as it has in the case of New York. Simply put, when you make regulations, you have to pay somebody to enforce them. This means a larger budget. Which means… yup… higher taxes.

Paterson makes the claim that “nobody likes to tax people,” suggesting that he simply has no other choice. But there is another choice. Back off. Get the hell out of New Yorkers’ lives. Stop regulating every matchstick that comes off the assembly line. Stop requiring licenses and fees to so much as trim somebody’s hair. Shut the bureaucracy down, and then we taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill any longer. It’s an easy enough fix, if you can get the Legislature to go along with it.

Of course, given the makeup of the State Legislature, that doesn’t look too likely. Even if Paterson wasn’t completely obtuse.