It's time to get used to the idea: the next couple years are gonna suck.

Yup.  That’s right.  It’s not a happy message.  Not particularly uplifting.  Barack Obama is the President, and the liberals carry the majority in both houses of the Legislature.  Add in the RINOs on our own side, and Barry pretty much has the votes to do whatever the hell he wants.  And not you, me, or the voice of the voters, evidently, is going to have much of a say in the matter.  Is it fatalist?  Yup.  Defeatist?  Guess that depends on how you look at it.

Obama won the election.  Republicans lost elections all over the country.  We’ve mourned.  We’ve mourned because we knew things like this were going to happen.  Bills we knew were bad were going to get passed.  Bad decisions were going to get made.  If we thought we’d like what Obama and the Dems were going to do, we’d have voted for them. 

And yet, many of us are going to the proverbial wailing wall with every government decision.  We beat our chests, we cry out with impotent rage.  We feel that loss all over again. 

Well, suck it up.

The next couple years ain’t gonna be pleasant.  We’re not going to like what’s coming out of Washington.  Fine.  But we have a job to do.  This is Democrat government.  Our job, yours and mine, is to make damned sure everybody knows it.  And then beat the living snot out of them in 2010.

And that is work that starts now.  Today.  We need to catalogue those bad decisions, and follow them to their outcomes of failure and the spread of poverty.  We need to outline and index our losses of freedom (and they will happen, count on it).  Not to mourn them, but to showcase them.  To rub the noses of those who have been against us in the piles they’ve left behind and say, “see what you’ve done.”  And then, we need to clean it up.

As you will undoubtedly hear blogosphere leaders say a number of times in the next two years, we have elections to win, and the winning starts now.  We need to seek out and raise up Conservative leadership.  Reward those leaders who deserve reward, and call onto the carpet every traitor to the Conservative cause that crops up.

To that end, my good friend NightTwister has created a singularly excellent piece of research.  It is a clearinghouse for local politics — ways to learn, to grow, and to get in touch with like-minded others.  As a first step to our 2010 victory, I strongly urge that we get 48 other bloggers (yup, Obama, that’s exactly ONE from each state — I’ll take New York) to quit whining and start putting up “getting connected” posts of their own.  And then get that information out into the sphere in as many was as possible, so that people have a place to go. 

From there, we start strategizing, on a grass roots level.  The grass roots uprising last year was astounding, and that is momentum we need to carry forward if we are to win the day.

What’s done is done.  No use crying over spilled milk, as the old wives say.  The time for mourning our losses has passed.  It passed in November.  If you’re still in mourning and terror, then get the hell out of the way.  The rest of us have work to do.