Obama: Empty suit, empty words, empty head

(via oo7angel, h/t Rod Patrick)

People can debate whether or not this falls under the definition of “plagiarism.” But I find it interesting that some of Obama’s “Best” stuff is often other peoples’.

For example:



(last three videos from Chrisoh7)

By the way, I note I’m using videos compiled by other people. Ironic, no? I’m also giving them credit for it. Get the difference?

So, what’s my point? Simple. Obama is accused of mouthing Democrat talking points. Of being more of the same. Of not being the “uniter” he claims to be, because he pretty much just toes the Democrat party line. These accusations call into question Obama’s intellect and integrity. These videos don’t help him.

Remember the key to electing a leader: Leaders lead. That’s not what we’re getting with Obama. And what’s really scary is, with Obama, we don’t actually know what we’re getting. These videos raise the question of what Obama, himself, actually believes. If the words aren’t his, what about the ideas they describe?

These words by Obama are, indeed, “just words.” He isn’t a leader — he’s a reader. He’s a mouthpiece for the party platform. He’s a good-looking, charasmatic, articulate guy, basically being fed talking points and bamboozling people into believing in his leadership. On some level, we all know that lofty speeches don’t make a great leader — that some times, great leaders don’t give great speeches. Let’s hope our fellow countrymen remember this before we put this guy in office.