New RNC Ad: not a good play.

This is a great ad, in the sense that it makes Obama look like a bad guy, fires up the female demographic and makes Republicans laugh. Here’s my problem with it: it’s a deliberate misrepresentation of what actually happened:

Now, Obama can be taken to task for misrepresenting McCain’s views. He can be taken to task for, through his actions and voting record, defining “Change” as “getting the country closer to socialism.” He can be taken to task for defining, through his voting record, “Change” as “going down the party line” — indeed, this is something that ought to be hit harder. He accuses McCain of voting down the party line, but only one candidate has a record of crossing the aisle, and it ain’t Obama. Obama seems to forget that many Conservatives were uncomfortable with McCain for just that reason.

There are a lot of reasons Obama is bad for America. There is a lot of stuff Obama can rightly be called into question on. But the “lipstick on a pig” issue is a loser for Republicans.

It can be argued that Obama was really talking about Palin with his comment — that it was a subtle jibe at her, based on her own “Lipstick” joke during the RNC Convention. But let’s be real: Obama just isn’t that subtle. The RNC ad will cause people to look closer at what Obama really said, and it will look like the RNC is simply trying to smear him.

We’re winning, and this ad reeks of desperation. We’re digging too deep into an off-the-cuff comment (clearly, Obama was off-teleprompter, as you can tell by his overall performance) to find things to go after Obama on. But as I pointed out above, there was plenty, in the meat of the speech, that we can go after legitimately.

Republicans are better than this.