I'm a ReTHUG... **Cough** I mean, REPUBLICAN

I’m a die-hard Republican. I voted for Chimpy… er… I mean… Bush twice, and I have a James Dobson Squeezy doll. But this VP pick by McLa — um, McCain is just really inappropriate. At least that’s what all TRUE reTHU — Repulicans think. Like me. ‘Cuz that’s what I am. Yup. Totally a Republican! All Moms who have abortoins should be SHOT! See? I’m a Right Winger, just like you — I mean, Y’all. I have a bible and everything.

Sarah Palin is just wrong for the VP spot. She’s — she’s — she’s not really a Republican! Yeah! That’s it. She’s… um… obviously unqualified, totally unlike Our Lord And Sav — um… I mean, that JERK Obama.

If you don’t beleive me, I have lots of links by totally reputable Right wing sources, like Savage, and um… CNN. Yeah! and Time too. And there are all kinds of Right Wingers just like you — I mean, Us, of course — who HATE Sarah Palin. And John McSAM — McCain.

You should all change your minds now, because I am JUST LIKE YOU! Really! I’m totally a Republican! What do you mean you don’t believe me? How could you say such a thing?!?!