The GOP Must Secure The Minority Vote

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC has stated that “Big changes are ahead for the GOP” and part of these vital changes includes catering to minority groups that have felt alienated in the past.

Plain and simple, future Republican victories hinge on capturing the growing minority vote.

The GOP has big plans to ensure that they have plenty of grassroots organizers in left-leaning communities in an attempt to gain support from Hispanics and African-Americans, while also putting in enough resources to keep red states red.

And if there is anything the GOP can learn it’s that a Republican can win in a blue state given he or she has the right campaign techniques. Take a look at Chris Christie’s Campaign for instance. Christie was able to hold his position as governor in the blue state of New Jersey thanks to his innovative and cutting-edge campaign techniques. This included campaign messaging, solid grassroots efforts, bilingual phone banking and advertisements (as seen in the Obama Campaign).

These efforts will be crucial if Republicans wish to keep their hands on the House, retake the Senate and capture The White House in 2016.

The GOP’s chances look favorable when looking to gain more of the Hispanic vote. According to a Gallup poll conducted at the end of 2013, Hispanic support for Obama fell from 75% in December of 2012 to 52% in November of 2013.

Though the majority of Latinos still support the president, that enormous drop in support is indicative that a great deal of Hispanics are tired of the president’s liberal rhetoric and are thirsting for real economic and political change.

African American’s still support the president by a long shot but the GOP is continuing its efforts to gain the African American vote by focusing on conservative and religious social issues.

The GOP must invest in minority communities for long-term electoral success.  The Republican Party needs to have a realistic outlook on the coming demographic changes and must learn to listen to the growing left-leaning electorate.