WPA's Weekly Political Brief

As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward Election Day, 2012, every Friday WPA compiles the key numbers from the week and provides analysis of key trends.  This week’s analysis can be viewed in full at: http://www.wparesearch.com/2012-elections/wpas-weekly-political-brief-35/

In addition to the key political numbers, this week’s analysis includes:

  • The illusion of the gender gap.
  • Presidential Endorsements thus far by the Top 100 American Newspapers.
  • An overall look at the viewership and winner of the three presidential debates in October.
  • The boost in Republican enthusiasm in the 2012 election during the month of October.


The key take aways for this week:

  • In just one month, Mitt Romney closed a 16-point gap among women with President Obama, and the candidates are now tied among women voters (pg. 11).
    • A recent AP/GfK poll showed that Romney has taken the lead overall, and is leading the President on a number of key issues. Romney has also improved among women voters concerned about the economy.
  • The Top-100 American Newspapers have begun their endorsements for President, where Romney is only slightly behind President Obama, 15 endorsements to 17, respectively (pg. 12). 
    • Romney picked up four endorsements from newspapers who endorsed Obama in 2008 and is on pace to significantly outdo John McCain’s endorsement total from 2008.
  • Following the final Presidential Debate on Monday of this week, Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll to see who voters felt won the debates and how many likely voters watched the debates (pg. 13).
    • According to the poll, 49% of likely voters felt Romney was the overall victor, while 41% felt Obama was the winner. 63% of likely voters watched all or some of all three debates and only 8% did not watch any of the debates.
  • With Romney surging in the polls in October, Republican interest and enthusiasm grew  by nearly 50% from September (pg. 14).
    • According to a recent Pew Research Center Study, Republican interest in the election increased from 50% to 73% in October.
    • Democratic enthusiasm remained at 66% from September to October.

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