WPA's Weekly Political Brief

As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward Election Day, 2012, every Friday WPA compiles the key numbers from the week and provides analysis of key trends.  The full analysis can be viewed at: http://www.wparesearch.com/2012-elections/wpas-weekly-political-brief-34/

In addition to the key political numbers, this week’s analysis includes:

  • What the Presidential Election can tell us about the expected gains and losses in the House.
  • The unemployment rate in states that elected Republican Governors in 2010.
  • Impressions of the candidates on important issues following the second Presidential debate.
  • A look at the changes in drilling permits approved under the last three presidents.
  • A comparison of the Reagan economic recovery to the Obama economic recovery.
  • A look at how social media is becoming the dominant source of political news around the nation.

The key take aways for this week:

  • Many people are wondering about the outcome of the race for a majority in the House of Representatives, but the close Presidential election suggests that Republicans will maintain control. (pg. 8).
    • In previous presidential election years, there have normally been small gains by either party, even in landslide elections .
  • The unemployment rate dropped an average of 1.1% in the 17 states that elected Republican Governors in 2010 (pg. 11). 
    • This outpaces the 8 states that elected Democratic Governors in 2010 by 0.3%.
  • Mitt Romney was seen as the stronger candidate on a variety of issues following the second Presidential debate (pg. 13).
    • Romney scored better than Obama on the Economy, Healthcare, Taxes, the Deficit and Leadership.
  • Drilling permits became a large discussion point following the second Presidential debate, as the topic caused a heated exchange between Romney and Obama (pg. 14).
    • Comparing the last 3 presidents and their record on drilling permits shows that under Obama, approved permits have dropped by 36% while they rose significantly under Clinton and Bush.
  • Mitt Romney made a point to compare the Obama Recovery to the Reagan Recovery during Tuesday night’s debate (pg. 15).
    • A comparison of economic indicators of the recoveries under the two administrations shows that Reagan’s recovery achieved significantly more positive results than Obama’s recovery.
  • The 2008 Presidential election was originally considered the “Social Media” election, but a look at current trends shows that 2012 is taking social media and politics to new heights. (pg. 16).

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