Trusting the American People

Republicans confuse me. They propound the Founders’ core value Limited Government; but, when the Democrats concede it, gift wrapped on a silver tongued platter, the Republicans, THE REPUBLICANS, whine and cry: we can’t win, we can’t win.


  • Liberty
  • Unite We Stand
  • No federal government in our lives
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Equal Opportunity of All
  • Hard Work
  • Ethics, Morals and Faith

These values deposit political power primarily in the individual with the least power residing in Washington, DC. The Progressive Democrats believe the reverse that a supreme executive authority invested in a single all-knowing politician will save the world. The Republicans build real things from practical reality while the Democrats craft only emotion into weapons of division, derision and demagoguery. The Republicans are rational adults; the Democrats are manipulating puppet masters preying on the fear, greed and envy of the American people.

To win you must fight, but the Washington Republicans will not. Controlling the most powerful branch, the Washington Republican will not use their constitutional hammer. The Power of the Purse is the ultimate government power for ensuring limited government so highly valued by the American People. Since 2011 the Senate Democrats counter this ultimate power by refusing to vote on any of the appropriation bills. The Senate Democrats just wait knowing that the responsible Republicans will give in and maintain the status quo.

To win you must force battle on your ground, but the Washington Republicans will not. The Democrats need bigger government to bribe enough voters to win elections. Cut off the money and the Democrats will collapse. Their values are not the values of the American people. Government unions are the big guns of the Democrats. Cut off the money, and government unions lose members and power. Witness Wisconsin. Cut off the giveaways to big corporate farmers, the able-bodied disabled, the moonlighting unemployed, the obese food stampers, the strip club welfare patrons, the green energy boondogglers, and the Wall Street embezzlers; and Democrats, elected to bring home these goodies, lose big.

In a straight fight of the Principled versus the Corrupted, the American people elect the Principled every, single time. Yes, it is really that simple.

To win you must cut off the money. The House Republicans have the power to do that by passing appropriation bills and then do NOTHING else: no continuing resolution, no debt ceiling increase, and no more taxes. Let the Senate Democrats do some real work: How to stay in power with no government goodies to hand out?  Seriously, how long does the Washington Republican establishment think the Democrats can survive in that environment: pay as you go, minimum mandatory spending. Forget the media, the polls, the stock market, and the country’s credit rating.

What if the government shuts down? The Federal government would be forced to spend less increasing limited government. The President would be FORCED to prioritize government spending (imagine long lines of Democratic groups lobbing the White House with many jilted). Confidence in the Federal government ability to pay for everything decreases; the government’s credit card has limits! The press runs countless stories on how the shutdown hurts Americans. The Tea Party celebrates victory unifying the Republican party into an unstoppable political force.

What if the government stops borrowing money? The President would be FORCED to prioritize government spending choosing between social security checks for Grandma and advertising the joys of ObamaCare. I may disagree the Predident on just about everything; but he is smart enough to figure that one out. Cutting off the bribes to the American public means the end of the Democratic party. Choosing between ObamaCare and political oblivion, the President shuts down ObamaCare.

What if the Democrats refuse to compromise until the 2014 elections? C’mon man, we are talking about narcissistic career politicians here. Unlike the some of the Republicans, there is not a principled Democrat in Congress. While I would love to see the Congressional Democrats commit party suicide, that is too much to hope for. We will be lucky if they play with that fire for a month before they starting leaking about secret compromise talks between a group of bipartisan Senators led by Chuck Schumer and John McCain.

To win, the Republican adults need to spank the Democratic children and take away their allowance. It is called Tough Love; and, ask any parent, it works! Trust the American People for as General Patton said: “America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser,” and, when the prodigal Democrats come home, be gracious winners.