Obama is failing his first test

Where to begin.  Bush was faster and more competent addressing Katrina than Obama has been in his first real test as President.  Nonetheless, Waive the 1920 law which keeps foreigners from entering gulf waters so they can clean it up and stop cow-towing to the unions.  Fire the EPA director who would not take measures to build barriers between the oil and the shores citing a need for an Environmental Impact Study.”  The oil spill is enough of an impact.  This individual should also be fired for stalling on the cleanup by ships that filter the contaminated water and return it 99.5% clean.  The EPA let oil contaminated water continue to linger demanding technology that returned it at 100%, which is not doable.  A principle of Patton’s – “A 70% solution now is better than a 100% solution in a month” – seems appropriate.  Firing these incompetent political bureaucrats will send a message that in the future, Obama and his staff will be decisive, bold, and aggressive. Unfortuantely, Obama is not decisve, bold, or agressive unless he is taking your money and redistributing it.  Message to Obama:   Leadership by committee does not work – a camel is a horse designed by a committee.