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This summarizes my observations, noting that impugned are not just the D’s.

You Really Can’t Detect Bias?

mikelindell2 Monday, March 5th at 3:13PM EST (link)

There are endless examples of blatant anti-Newt bias and more subtle bias on Fox, here are a few. Let me know when Fox discusses Newt’s surge in Tennessee.

-At Huck Forum III-Gasparino suggesting that Newt made up $2.50/gal out of thin air.
-Krauthammer repeatedly calling Newt “unstable”
-Kirsten Powers constantly saying Newt is a joke
-Juan Williams accusing Newt of racism
-Napolitano bashing Newt, even having Beck on his show to declare that you are a racist if you support Gingrich.
-Ann Coulter perpetually being paraded onto shows to hysterically bash Newt, calling him a “liberal”
-Cutting off coverage of South Carolina win before any of the other cable news networks did
-On Huckabee(not forum), the Gov had three person panel who called Gingrich things like “Chuckie” and “disgusting”
-Bill O’Reilly brought Ann Coulter on his program to discuss one of Newt’s proposals (that’s objective)
-Fox and Friends brought on Liz Claman last week to declare that Newt’s energy plan won’t work, and the president has no control over oil prices.
-Don Imus saying some of the most offensive things possible about Newt daily.
-Special Report interview “undecided” voters in GA, all of whom had negative things to say about Newt even though he is up to almost 50% in polls there.
-On first Hucakbee Forum, one of the questioners, Pam Bondi (who endorsed Romney) accused Newt of trying to have it both ways. Of course she just could not understand what he was saying.
The list could literally go on forever.