GOP - Primary Process for POTUS - Reform


Consider accepting:

[1]–Delegate-Candidates can choose to announce [binding] pledge to vote for a given candidate on the first ballot.
[2]–RNC organizes/structures Debates [no more than one every fortnight], with optional candidate- appearance thereat.
[3]–State-level GOP’s determines final-rules [using AEI-structure as non-binding model.

Consider rejecting:

[1]–Literacy Tests, because they conjure images of past-prejudice.
[2]–Caucuses, because they limit access by those who can’t attend.
[3]–Non-Republicans, because they aren’t dedicated to the best.


This would not affect the empowerment of individual states to schedule elections independently [Federalism], remembering that the key-concept behind holding early elections in smaller states is to allow for lower-cost competitions during the early weeks.

This would also allow for the voter to balance fealty to a candidate with loyalty to a delegate [but would not preclude an individual to run without having issued a first-ballot commitment]; this would not unduly impede potential flexibility @ a contested convention.