"Cage-Fight": Game-ON!!!

The TEA Party Movement is EXPLODING!

As per Sarah’s incremental-nudges [Todd endorses…Sarah says she’d vote for…Sarah exclaims she’ll vote against…over the past fortnight], it’s time for the true Constitutional Conservatives to emerge…and they [finally] HAVE done so!

Note that Cain’s endorsement [announced via Politico a half-hour ago] emerges AFTER a lackluster debate performance…because of the gang-attack that [one day hence] was demonstrated to have been bogus; particular reference is made to the Elliot Abrams hit-piece, which omitted the key-facts that [1]–Newt was nudging RR to the RIGHT, [2]–clips were taken out-of-context, and [3]–Nancy endorsed Newt aggressively thereafter.

The “good guys” and the sell-outs will be ID’ed on this Diary-site [amplified by input from others, such as Guzzardi] as a reference-manual for those whom we should trust [and not trust] henceforth.

We start with placing NRO into the NEGATIVE column and Mark Levin into the POSITIVE grouping.  I had planned to provide this type of classification system once the Diary had been approved [and glitches had been overcome]…and the raison d’être now has become more clearly focused.

The Establishment has spoken, and time remains before Tuesday for the TPM-activists to coalesce…starting with careful review of the discussions held [by the non-D’s, puhleeze] during tomorrow-a.m.’s talk-shows.  Let’s see how many people ridicule the moon-colony joint-venture [e.g., to create perfectly-spherical ball-bearings] vs. how many recall the JFK-pledge to achieve a moon-landing by the end of 1969.

Santorum is a hanger-on who, unlike humble/God-fearing/good-guy Perry, is too egotistical to appreciate the gravity of the situation; it is hoped that someone will recall his well-documented voting-history of pro-labor/big-spending [without the capacity to be rationalized-away].  {Search Guzzardi’s “Liberty Blog” for overwhelmingly corroborative-data.}

““Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country?” ”  [Charles E. Weller, typing-instructor, 1867]