The 3 Magic Words for the Budget Debate and Campaign 2012

There are three words that must be our mantra throughout the budget debate and the 2012 campaigns:

“Where’s YOUR plan?” 

I can’t emphasize this enough. Paul Ryan and House Republicans have had the guts to lay out a plan that actually solves our long-term fiscal imbalance problem. Obama and the Dems responded only with pot shots.

Our response, constantly, time and time again, in every debate, must be:

“Look, any fiscal plan that actually saves America from disaster has to include some things that will be unpopular with some voters, and that’s why politicians have just kicked the can down the road, digging us deeper and deeper into this debt hole and make the eventual pain greater and greater.

The Republicans have stepped up and taken a big political risk to be responsible. Rather than joining us, even by offering a real alternative solution, President Obama and the Democrats continue instead to try to exploit the Republican effort at fiscal responsibility by merely criticizing parts of it without offering any plan of their own so we could see what sacrifices THEY would ask the American people to make on a scale large enough to truly solve the problem.

So we ask President Obama and the Democrats: If we don’t control the growth of entitlement spending, and if we spend everywhere else as much as you would like, how much must taxes go up to prevent deficits and debt levels that would eventually destroy our economy? WHERE’S YOUR plan??”

We need people holding signs at every Dem campaign event with a dollar sign and three words:





We need to make this question so unavoidable that we shame the mainstream media into asking Obama, his supporters, and all Dems running for Congress: “How can you do nothing more than criticize the Republican plan when you offer no plan of your own to save America from a course everyone agrees is unsustainable and will eventually lead to disaster?? Aren’t you playing politics when you should be showing leadership? Where is YOUR plan?”

We can’t let the Dems turn this into a fight between imposing sacrifices vs. letting everyone (except “the rich”) have everything they want from “the government” (i.e., taxpayers).

We must make it a fight between responsibility that will save our country vs. irresponsibility that will ruin it, between leaders willing to risk losing to do the right thing vs. politicians who will be glad to keep fooling people into thinking no one except “the rich” has to sacrifice, just so they can get re-elected, until the day disaster strikes because of debt spiraling out of control.



Those are the three magic words to success in the budget battle, and thus in the fight to save our nation’s prospects for a healthy economic future.