Donate to Pelosi's Republican Opponent

Pelosi does have a Republican opponent. And some think he is having an impact, which is why she has started stating that she has allot in common with the Tea Party people.

His name is John Dennis www.JohnDennis2010.com

Here is an article about him

In a recent interview with Roger Hedgecok, Dennis said:
“When we first started this I have to admit my goals and objectives were more modest than victory in a conventional sense. But back in December we all starting talking in the campaign, ya know, maybe we can do this, maybe we can pull this off. And then, then Scott Brown happened, and um, everything’s changed since then. We have a forumula as to what it’s gonna take to defeat Nancy Pelosi, and we’re gonna try to execute it.”


I for one will be making a donation soon. I will love seeing her lose her speakership because they lose the majority, but seeing her lose her election would be absolutely earth shattering