How Low Will The Democrats Go?

The Democrats, know that they cannot win a fair fight this November, so they are trying to rig the system. In my home district, the 7th District of Pennsylvania, one of the most competitive house races of 2010 is going on between Republican Pat Meehan and Democratic State Legislator Brian Lentz.  Meehan is considered a slight favorite due to his extensive ties and work in the district. He was the District Attorney for Delaware County, which comprises most of the District. He also was the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for the Bush Administration.

This being said the Local and National Democrats have decided to help a third party “tea party” candidate get on the ballot, in hopes of siphoning votes away from the Republican. The tea party candidate is a birther, who would not be able to get the signatures to petition himself on the ballot if it weren’t for the local democrats. His signatures include the Chairwoman of the local county Democratic party as well as a host of prominent democrats in the area.  This is politics at its worst and the Democrat in the race is playing dumb, saying he has no comment on the tea party candidate. This type of shenanigans is exactly what the democrats hope will help them retain Joe Sestak’s old seat.

Ronald Reagan once said

“Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”

Obviously the Democrats feel differently because they’d rather try and cheat their way to victory then terrible flaws of their candidates and this administration.  I stand with Reagan, Pat Meehan stands with Reagan and we all must stand for freedom as Conservatives. Pat Meehan will beat both of the Democratic Party supported candidates with your help.