Ron Johnson Is Beating Russ Feingold

According to a new Rasmussen Poll Ron Johnson is beating Russ Feingold 48% to 46% in the Wisconsin Senate Race. Dave Westlake is currently trailing Senator Feingold by 10% according to the Rasmussen poll. This race was not on anyones radar 6 months ago, but thanks to Johnson, this race has turned into one of the marquee races in the country this Fall, with perhaps the Senate majority teetering in the balance.  Johnson is a plastics manufacturer who stormed onto the political scene with a surprise win at the State Convention. He has been self-funding his candidacy and is someone who is a pro-liberty, small government conservative. He is being supported by Jim DeMint, Erick Erickson and the NRSC. *Note that is not a typo.

Join the movement and let’s make Senator Feingold unemployed.