Conservative Picks For Republican Senate Leadership after 2010

The possibility of Republicans taking control of the Senate is growing more and more by the day, however, the end result remains to be seen. But just winning a majority of seats is not enough if we want real conservative leadership in the Senate. Therefore, I decided to lay out what I think is the best Leadership for a  new Republican Minority or Majority Senate:

Majority/Minority Leader: John Thune – Absolutely a conservative, but also a shrewed politician who knows how to effectively win a messaging war – see SD Senate Race 2004.

Assistant Minority Leader: John Barrasso – Not as well known as some other options, however, don’t mistake that for being less conservative; as Barrasso one of the most conservative members of the Senate. He is also a doctor and an expert on Healthcare. Repealing Obamacare will be at the top of the agenda and Barrasso could do wonders in helping repeal the bill, and then crafting a Bill that is market based and actually fixes and not exacerbates the problems in our Healthcare system.

Republican Conference Chair: Jim DeMint – Tough as nails, and knows that the best compromise is getting the other side to concede. Could you Imagine Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi trying to negotiate with DeMint? Pure Bliss.

Republican Conference Secretary: Jon Kyl – Although this would be a step down from his current position as Assistant Minority Leader, there is no doubt that Kyl is one of the savviest and most well versed policy men that the GOP has. He also has strong political skills and knows the ins and outs of the Senate.

Policy Committee Chair: Tom Coburn – Coburn is absolutely tireless in his pursuit to stop and cut the growth of Government. He is articulate, quick, and fearless in his pursuit to balance the budget. Seeing as economic issues will drive the next Congress, having a stalwart like Coburn driving policy for the GOP will go along way in curbing the progressive tide of years past.

Honorable Mentions: Isakson, Johanns, Rubio, Toomey.

This team of Leadership would help bring America back to the glory days of Washington and Reagan. Before we can take the country back, we have to take the GOP Leadership back.