In response to some a recent post by a fellow RedStater, I felt it necessary to make clear what the situation is in New Hampshire. The republican primary for Senate is two months away and it has become a horse race between Bill Binnie and Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. Two other candidates, Ovide Lamontagne and Jim Bender are also in the race but they each have been stuck in the low single digits for months now, with Ovide’s support depleting since his entrance into the race. Bender is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage and Ovide is a two time statewide loser from the 90’s who lost by more than 15 points in both races in good republican years.  Ayotte still maintains a small lead over Bender, but the time has come for Conservatives to put their money with their mouth is and support Ayotte.

Bill Binnie is no moderate. Period. He is a liberal. He is for amnesty and has come out against Arizona’s law. He is a social liberal like Bender and supports abortion and gay marriage. He has given money to democrats in the past and has gone as far to say that he doesn’t like the GOP because they are pro-life. He has been open to tax increases as a means to lower the deficit. And this is only a brief summary of his liberalism. However, in an open primary and because he is self-funding his race with his millions, Binnie is nipping at Ayotte’s heals and conservatives cannot stand flatfooted any longer.

Ayotte is a conservative, no doubt. She is a staunch social conservative and is a tough on crime no nonsense prosecutor. She supports Arizona’s law and condemns Amnesty. She is strong on national security and believes in enhanced interrogation and military tribunals. She is a fiscal conservative and has signed several pledges affirming so.

Ayotte must be our Rubio in New Hampshire, otherwise we will be stuck with Binnie who is even worse than Charlie “For the People” Crist. It’s time to fight for freedom and get behind the conservative Ayotte. Do we really need another Jim Jeffords or Crist? Or do we want someone who is a commonsense conservative, who will fight against Obama’s overreaching government.

The answer is Clear.