Conservatives Need to Wake Up When it Comes to NH

Conservatives and Republicans are in danger of allowing a progressive win the Senate primary in NH for Judd Gregg’s seat.  Bill Binnie is not a conservative, and really isn’t even a republican. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-taxes, pro-AMNESTY and has said as early as a few years ago that he didn’t even like the GOP because it is “pro-life”. In saying all this, he is very much in position to win the New Hampshire Senate primary on September 14th.  Binnie is a self funder and is pouring millions into deceitful ads in which he is claiming to be a conservative. He has come from nowhere to now be within single digits of Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in the primary. Ayotte, is a conservative. She has a great record of fighting corruption and crime as Attorney General.

Everything that makes Binnie a liberal, proves that Ayotte is a conservative. She is staunchly pro-life, against gay marriage, approves of Arizona’s law and is against amnesty. She also is a fiscal conservative and strong national security conservative. This race is a two hors race between Ayotte (The Conservative) and Binnie (The Progressive). There are two other candidates in the race but both are mired in the low single digits.  Jim Bender, a Businessman, who is also pro-gay marriage, and pro-abortion does not stand a chance. And Ovide Lamontagne, is a conservative like Ayotte; but he has not been able to gain any ground and has been losing support from when he first entered the race. He also has run statewide twice and been blown out by 15 points each time, which makes him a bit of an also-ran.

The point is, is that Conservatives are running out of time to stop Bill Binnie from being the next Jim Jeffords. We must throw our support behind a true and fresh conservative leader in Kelly Ayotte.