Paul Hodes Must Be Defeated: A task only a Conservative can complete

One of the Senate races that I have been focused on in my writing is the New Hampshire Senate Race. The race has flown under the radar for the most part, but that must change. Paul Hodes is not just misleading, but he is flat out lying now. He is out with a new 30 second spot wrongly attacking the only viable conservative left in the race, Kelly Ayotte. The ad which is below, happens to be littered with typical left-wing smears and lies. He falsely claims that Ayotte was complicit in the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of New Hampshire. But facts are stubborn things and Hodes is a typical Washington politician.  While Hodes is running uncontested raising money with the likes of Joe “Amtrak” Biden and Harry “The War is Lost” Reid, Ayotte still has a real primary fight on her hands in the form of Bill Binnie. I have warned conservatives previously about Binnie, who is a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty, pro-taxes RINO. He once said that he does not like the GOP because they are the pro-life party. Ayotte is a down the line conservative who is strong on National Defense, Fiscal Policy, and social issues.  She is a pro-life hero who fought for a parental notification law against the will of her Democratic Governor. Under normal circumstances the Conservative like Ayotte should have an easy path to a Senate Seat against someone like Hodes. However, she has to deal with the self-funding Binnie who has closed the primary gap between him and her to within 10 points. Two other candidates are in this race, Jim Bender who like Binnie is pro-choice, and Ovide Lamontagne who is a conservative like Ayotte, but also two time statewide loser from the 90’s (by more than 15 points each time). New Hampshire deserves a new fresh conservative face and that is Ayotte.

A few notes about Kelly Ayotte:

1. She is crushing Hodes in all polling by up to as much as 15 points.

2. She is the most conservative candidate in the race who can win.

3. She was a very successful Attorney General and prosecutor and is not a politician. She was named Citizen of the Year by the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader.

4. As the new Hodes ad shows, the Democrats fear her.

5. Let’s fight for a conservative alternative to Paul Hodes and Paul Hodes light – Bill Binnie.                www.ayotteforsenate.com

On the issues – Kelly Ayotte: http://www.ayotteforsenate.com/on-the-issues

Left-winger Paul Hodes attack ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9X51PlFX7c