Bobby Jindal - A Competant Conservative Hero

Governor Bobby Jindal has been hailed by many as the “next Reagan”, but I don’t believe that is correct. He is not the next Reagan, but he is the first Governor Bobby Jindal and that deserves much reverence. Governor Jindal took over Louisiana at a time of great crisis. The people of the state had lost all faith in their local, state and federal governments. However, Mr. Jindal sought to change that with his election in 2007. He came in and instilled the toughest ethics laws in the nation, taking the state from worst to first in that category. He has cut taxes, balanced the budget and fought a consistent and strident battle for social conservatism. All the boxes that Conservatives want to have checked by their leaders have been checked by Governor Jindal.  The Governor has brought competence back to a state that was thirsting for it.

The measure of a great leader is how they react to the crises that will confront them. Governor Jindal has acted swiftly in his response to multiple hurricanes and has restored the faith of his constituents after the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, that a limited but strong government can do the job right.  During his latest test  with the BP oil Spill Governor Jindal has stood steadfast as a leader devoted to his people and his state. He has been courageous and swift in his judgments and has challenged the Federal Government to follow suit.  He has been on the ground everyday, amongst the workers demanding a stronger response. He has held a measured but stern tone that has presented him well in the eyes of the American people.

Bobby Jindal also happens to have a giant mind as he was accepted into Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, however, he chose to be accept his Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford instead. He has risen from a assistant in the HHS to a Congressman to one of America’s most Popular, successful and Conservative Governors. It is only a matter of when not if, Bobby Jindal continues his rise all the way to the White House to restore limited, competent and conservative governance.