Danny Tarkanian is the Only Candidate who Can Beat Harry Reid.

For those who have been watching the Nevada Republican Primary take place, one thing has become abundantly clear. Danny Tarkanian is the right candidate for Nevada republicans and conservatives, and he is the only Republican who can beat Harry Reid in November. Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle have spent the last couple weeks butchering one another on air and it has become clear that both of them would bring major liabilities if they were the Republican nominee in November. Lowden is the establishment candidate and has the highest negatives out of any republican in the race. Angle has been criticized as far to conservative for the state, but that is not the case. It’s not that she is too conservative, it is that she is too quirky and obscure to win in Nevada.  Angle has discussed the need to legislate morality, including mentioning the abolition of legal alcohol use. She also has supported a bill that involved giving saunas and massages to prisoners as part of a drug rehabilitation program which was supported by The Church of Scientology. If it was just between Angle and Lowden, I’d still probably support Angle because she is the more authentic conservative, however it isn’t. The third person running is Danny Tarkanian and he is a very strong conservative candidate to carry the republican flag into November against Harry Reid.  Tarkanian has all of Angle’s conservatism, without her strange background. He also has all of Lowden’s so called electability, along with being an anti-establishment conservative.  Harry Reid will have unlimited funds to expend on this election and we only make him more likely to return to Washington if we nominate someone who won’t win in November.

Recent polls show Tarkanian in third but only five to seven points behind the leader. Tark can win this, if we support him. He is the John Thune of this cycle and will defeat Harry Reid. Let’s send a message to the establishment in both parties by electing a principled viable conservative in Danny Tarkanian.