When John McCain has a Real Conservative Challenger - Let me Know

I know that many of you on this site may disagree with me on this, but I feel it important to say how I feel. JD Hayworth is not a Conservative alternative to John McCain. Period.  I am no ardent McCain backer and I disagree with him on a hole host of issues, Immigration, Campaign Finance, etc, etc. But John McCain is no less conservative than Mr. Hayworth, and he is far more electable. There is a reason why JD got crushed out of his House seat in 2006 and there is a reason why the 4 largest Tea Party Groups in Arizona have not endorsed him. To be honest, there is very little support for JD among the major conservative organizations. Grover Norquist is endorsing McCain, Arizona Right to Life endorsed McCain, The Chamber of Commerce endorsed McCain and so on.  Fiscal Conservative groups realize that JD Hayworth was a big time spender and earmarker and voted for Medicare Part D. JD says that he is the “Consistent Conservative”, well that is simply not true. He is really the consistent establishment yes-man.  He was not known as someone to stand up to the house leadership and he won’t stand up to the Senate Leadership either.

When us conservatives speak so admirably and hopefully about the Rubio’s, Toomey’s, Buck’s and others, we do so because they stand for conservative principles and not party. Say what you will about John McCain, but he at least stands up to the establishment on many documented occasions (yes I’m gonna use that overused slogan “Maverick”) and is a patriotic war hero. JD Hayworth is a blowhard who is trying to cash in while the getting is good. He said we didn’t declare war in WWII, he has flirted  with “birtherism” and has said that gay marriage will lead to men marrying horses. He also was named one of the dumbest members of Congress along side the likes of Brain Surgeon Babs Boxer, and  Rocket Scientist Patrick Kennedy.

On this race I’m with Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson and Grover Norquist, until I see a real and viable Conservative alternative to John McCain. If  Arz Rep’s John Shadegg or Jeff Flake were running against McCain, I’d be supporting them over the Senator, but they aren’t. They are supporting him over Hayworth, who they served with in the same Delegation.

ps. Here is a video of some of JD’s finer moments.