Check one off for the Good Guys

Going into November we as conservatives and republicans will be caught up in many hard faught battles over the future direction of America. One of the main stages for that fight will be the United States Senate. We need 9 seats to reach 50 seats, but because Joe Biden can break a tie and barring any switch by Lieberman (which I would not rule out given his reelection in 2012) we most likely will need a takeover of 10 seats to gain control of the Senate.

However, we can already check off one of those 10 seats and that seat is the open seat of retiring North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan. Governor John Hoeven who is running for the seat is politician equivalent of Mick Jagger, in terms of his popularity. A new rasmussen poll has him up a whopping 49 POINTS! against his opponent State Senator Potter.

So one down, nine to go. Score one for the good guys.