The Conservative Roster for a Senate Takeover

There has been a lot of inner-party turmoil over whether republicans should try to elect the  most conservative candidate or the candidate that is the most electable. I say why can’t we have our cake and eat it too. Here is my roster of the most viable conservative candidates running for Senate. Remember we need 10 seats to take over the Senate because Vice President Amtrak can break a tie.

T/O: Arkansas: John Boozman – already nominated and a 90 lifetime ACU rating.

T/O: California: Chuck Devore – Like Erick said, if he is not viable in 2 weeks. I’ll hold my nose and support Carly because Campbell is REALLY that bad.

T/O: Colorado: Ken Buck – for obvious reasons. However, I do believe that Jane Norton is a conservative and that she gets

T/O: Connecticut: Linda McMahon I suppose, she can saturate the airwaves by self-funding? This is a tricky race for Conservatives, considering that their is no conservative running. And no Peter Schiff is no conservative. Blumenthal is riped for the picking after his “occasions of misspeaking”

T/O: Delaware: Mike Castle – A certain winner if nominated, and better than any democrat.

T/O: Illinois: Mark Kirk – Already the nominee and far better than Alexi G.

T/O: Indiana: Dan Coats – Marlin would be better, but Coats is far superior than Ellsworth.

T/O: Nevada: Danny Tarkanian by a nose. I like Angle but she is probably to easy a target in the general, and Lowden isn’t half bad either.

T/O: North Dakota: John Hoeven – Good  competent conservative governor who has higher approval ratings than Abraham Lincoln.

T/O: Washington: Dino Rossi – (If he runs) Good fiscal conservative who Jim DeMint said he would support and someone who Patty Murray and the National Dems fear.

I also added the seats of the retiring Republican Senators for kicks.

Hold – Florida: Marco Rubio – for obvious reasons.

Hold – Kentucky: Rand Paul – Independent Conservative who will be a thorn in the side of the Democrats.

Hold – Kansas: Jerry Moran – Strong Conservative and more walk than Tiahrt’s talk.

Hold – Missouri: Roy Blunt – Carnahan is terrible.

Hold – New Hampshire: Kelly Ayotte.  Ovide is a surefire failure waiting to happen (see his races in the 94 and 96 as evidence) and Binnie is a liberal, pro-choice, pro-amnesty republican. She also is a young fresh conservative female reformer, who is tough as nails.

Hold – Ohio: Rob Portman – best kept secret of 2010

Hold – Utah: Mike Lee – once again, for obvious reasons.

There you have it. 51 Republican Senators filled with many stalwart conservatives, with a few necessary moderates (Kirk, Castle) in there to ensure the majority. Let me know if you like this 2010 class or not.