A Call for Pete Sessions to Step Down

It has become an increasingly clear that Pete Sessions is not a strong chairman for the NRCC. With the defeat of Tim Burns, comes the 7th straight competitive special election that Republicans have lost. This is completely unacceptable. The NRCC has wasted one million dollars on the Pennsylvania 12 and we came up short. Now there are arguments to be made that the district has an overwhelming democratic registration advantage and that turnout was bolstered due to the various competitive primaries in the state on the democratic side. However, the fact is, is that Pete Sessions has done a poor job as the NRCC Chair, and if we don’t replace him and correct course, our chances of a House takeover are diminished. We should win in Hawaii on May 22 but that is more because there are two democrats running, than anything Pete Sessions or Congressional Republicans have done.

The Wind is at our back, we just need the right guy steering the ship. Sessions should resign.