Defeat Alan Grayson: A Must For Conservatives

Fellow Redstaters,

The defeat of that yahoo Alan Grayson must be a top priority for us and all fellow conservatives. Congressmen Grayson is a disgraceful, infantile and pathetic. And that is by members of Congress standards, so that is truly saying a lot.

There are over 10 candidates running in the republican primary to defeat Congressmen Jackass *cough* I mean Grayson. But there is one candidate in particular who we must rally around and support. That candidate is State Senator Daniel Webster. He is endorsed by Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio has spoken highly of him. He is without a doubt a conservative stalwart, who will be a leader in the effort to stop the Obama agenda at all turns.

Grayson is in a swing Orlando District, that is the exact type of district that Republicans must flip back to win the House.

Lets retire Grayson from Congress and allow him to return to whatever freakshow carnival he came from.


ps. If you need any motivation click on the link below to see the noble Mr. Grayson at his best.