ME SEN: Collins doubles lead over Tom Allen

Rasmussen Reports is showing Maine Senator Susan Collins has more than doubled her lead against her Democrat challenger Tom Allen, 53-38:

Maine Senator Susan Collins has more than doubled her lead over Democratic challenger Tom Allen in the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state. The Republican incumbent is ahead 53% to 38%.When “leaners” are included, Collins leads 55% to 40%.The new numbers mark a big improvement for Collins, who had just a seven-point lead and earned below 50% support from voters in July. She now has her highest level of support since April.

Rasmussen has been notoriously Democrat-leaning this cycle, and explained on their blog a few months back that they are over-sampling Dems by roughly 9%.

Perhaps the most discouraging aspect of these numbers is that they come a week into Allen’s television ad campaign. The Allen camp has attempted to spin the lackluster performance of his campaign by saying things will change markedly once the ‘TV wars’ begin. Unfortunately, Rasmussen disagrees.

Collins has led in every poll since this race began. Last month, Maine-based Democratic pollster Patrick Murphy showed Collins with a 26 point lead over Allen. Rasmussen is the only poll that has shown Allen within 10 points, reinforcing the contention that they are oversampling Democrats in Maine.

Now that Rasmussen is showing this race to be a blowout, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the already-desperate Tom Allen campaign. A few weeks ago, they were caught red-handed disguising a female tracker to sneak into a GOP event, complete with wig and makeup.

Watch for the Allen camp, Communications Director Carol Andrews in particular, to try to shirk the poll results off as unreliable. Just last month, Andrews was quoted extensively in the Maine media making the case that Rasmussen’s previous 7 point Collins advantage was a clear example of the viability of Allen in the race. His precipitous decline over the last month will most likely end Andrews’ love affair with Rasmussen Reports.