ME SEN: *BREAKING* Tom Allen ditches County for Martha's Vineyard fundraiser

Maine Congressman and Democratic Senatorial challenger Tom Allen was conspicuously absent from the recent Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Fairfield. The 12 year Portland Congressman is way behind in polls, and one of the refrains of pundits is that Allen needs to make inroads in Northern Maine if he is to have even the slightest chance in this race.

The Potato Blossom Festival is attended regualrly by everyone in Maine politics, and this year was no exception. ( See Jessica Alaimo’s great story on it here) State legislators, both Senators and Maine’s other Congressman, Mike Michaud, were all in attendance. Even 2010 gubernatorial hopefuls were there. But not Tom Allen.

Allen’s wife Diana was present for the industry dinner, leading many to wonder what could have been so important to keep her husband away, and risk insulting basically half the state in a slight that no Maine political figure would want to be accused of.

Now sources confirm that Tom Allen skipped his opportunity to pay homage to the Second District in order to attend a swanky fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard. That’s Martha’s Vineyard, MASSACHUSETTS.

Allen has consistently bowed to the whims of his far-left Hollywood benefactors, but this maneuver is hard to understand. We’ll see how it plays out.