Community Organizing with Terrorists

I have no problem with torture. None. When you consider that we aren’t beheading Gitmo detainees and uploading videos of it to the Internet, whatever we did to those detainees is mild. Waterboard them, throw them on the rack, make them listen to Barry Manilow 24/7… it’s all good with me. Do whatever it takes to get whatever information we can get.

Does any thinking American believe we can win this war by being nice guys?  TheOne wants us to defer to our better angels and fight this war through our “values and ideals.” Yea, that’ll work. While they are beheading, torturing and dragging the bodies of dead soldiers through the streets of some far off village, we’ll be civilized and impress them with our “moral highground”, please the Europeans and code pink and treat those Islamofacist detainees with kidd gloves. Lord knows, we don’t want to offend anyone.

President Bush had the right idea. Take the war to them. It worked. It kept the war out of America and kept the terrorists on the defensive. Wiretap and waterboard if that’s what has to be done. I believe we have to do whatever it takes to beat these guys. 

These guys are not local barbers and shopkeepers that you can sit down and “community organize” with. You can’t invite them over for wine and cheese and think you can win their hearts and minds. These are evil people. They are adherents to a cult of death. They are an evil, medieval society with 21st century technology. You can’t beat them by being “a kinder, gentler” bunch of nice guys.

To our detriment, I don’t believe that the peace nick appeaser in our highest office will ever figure that out and if he does, it will be too late.