The Obscene Hypocrisy of the Left

What I’m finding so obscene right now is that there is so much talk about Sarah’s wardrobe when Obama is going to spend $2million on an election night party in Chicago. A man who is fighting for the undertrodden and downcast and he’s going to spend this kind of money on a party? I can imagine lots of places $2million could be better spent.

Then there’s the California teacher’s union that has spent $1million to defeat the marriage question. This is the state that can’t find the money to pay it’s bills, including the state’s teachers and their own union has this much money to throw around?

Why aren’t these guys all sharing the wealth? Since they’re so in favor of that, it would seem to me that they should be sharing it with those less off than they are. Help out the community, Mr. Community Organizer! Help pay the teachers, you thieving teacher’s union!

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