Beating up on Cindy

NYTImes story

Has anyone discussed this NYT story about Cindy McCain?

“The Times has reported vigorously on the backgrounds of the candidates and the influential people in their lives, including both prospective first ladies. We reported where the facts led us,” Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said in a written statement to FOXNews.com.

“The story was a richly reported, completely fair, respectful — even empathetic — profile of a would-be first lady,” Mathis added. “The material is almost all from named sources, and the McCain campaign has not disputed a single fact.”

Contrary to the Times’ letter to Fox, I don’t find any empathy in this story about Mrs. McCain. The headline of the story alone, is unflattering and sets the whole tone for the story.

If they’ve “reported vigorously” on the lives of both candidates and their spouses, someone show me this same vigorous reporting on the lives and past of Mr. and Mrs. Obama.