A little over a month

Fellow gun owners, in just over 40 days we are going to elect a new President of the USA. He will serve 4 years. I understand that the economy is not at its best right now. I understand unemployment rates are up, and the value of the dollar is down. We are in a war that has drug on longer then some think it should of and some think we should have never been in to begin with. I have talked to literally hundreds of firearms owners and friends in the last couple of weeks. I am alarmed that rough;y 10% of these people are leaning toward voting for Obama. There number 1 reason is they say that he will help the economy, the economy was way better when Clinton was in office, the Republicans have screwed it up. I know there are a few on this site that are going to vote democrat, and thats great, anyone can vote for whoever they want thats why this country is great. But I have a few questions for those that are leaning that way. Do you honestly believe that electing Obama is going to fix the economy and why? Every non party economist that I have seen comment on this says that no matter who gets in office, taxes are not going to be cut,there is no way possible with the trillions of dollars the Fed has now put up to bail out mortgage and financial companies that were run in the ground by thieves and scoundrels. Our national debt is going to increase by trillions of dollars no matter who is in office. This is not my opinion, this is from people who crunch numbers for a living. John McCain is right when he said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. They are, the strongest among any of the larger nations in the world, when you look at inflation rate, unemployment, and worker output. These are facts. This is not the worst economic crisis since the depression, this is not the end of capitalism, this is not the end of the world, no matter what either candidate says.

Item 2. The war in Iraq. The war was started for a very good reason, the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans, women children old young, didn’t matter to those pieces of dirt. No the terrorists probably didn’t have ties to Iraq, but by god they sure did show up there by the thousands didn’t they. Saddam Hussein was a monster, did we really lose anything by taking him out? Did we make the world a better place? I think so. And by god we are kicking ass on the bastards who planned these attacks and the people who swear everyday to kill every one of us because we are Americans, thats the only reason. We are winning the war, the Taliban and Al Quaida in Iraq is minimal now, and we are going to weed them out in Afghanistan, and Pakistan and wherever else the nutless bastards decide to run too. They deserve it, we didn’t ask for this they did. Let sleeping dogs lie, don’t rattle our cage, don’t start no s**t there wont be none…Don’t Tread On Me.

The 2 items above will work out, I honestly believe that, and lots and lots of people who know more then me believe that also. The economy will get better, the war will eventually end. No matter who is in office, these two things will happen.
So lets look at the things that will be different between Obama and McCain
If Obama Wins the Presidency:
Taxes will be raised for the top 5% which is not those making over $250,000 its actually more like $140,000/yr as Joe Biden said this morning they “WILL TAKE THAT MONEY” and give it to the middle class. When? whenever they want, if they want. Thing is once they “TAKE IT” its hard to get back from them if they decide they don’t want to give it. He will raise the social security tax, the death tax, excise tax..etc So the middle class will still have taxes raised just not their income tax. I believe a few hundred years ago some radical group fought against an elite government who would”TAKE THAT MONEY” and give it to who ever and then call that, as Joe Biden did, “PATRIOTISM” of course a few hundred years ago of course then it was for THE GOOD OF THE KING”
Obama is funded by the most extreme left wing radicals probably in the world. George Soros, John Podesta. Google these guys, and also Center for American Progress, and ACORN association of community organisations for reform. Soros is very scary, he is billionaire rich, and these two lead a group called the Democracy Alliance. The website Atlantic.com reports of a meeting between these guys and around 70 million and billionaires. Does anyone remember the old Justice League cartoons? where superman and wonder woman and those guys all worked together for the good of the worked. Well there was an opposite group, the bad guys that had their own Little committee type thing. Thats what I thought of when reading this. A bunch of masochistic, cocaine snorting, big wigs siting around a $45,000 Mahogany table laughing and marking off all of the lines of our constitution and bill of rights that doesn’t fit their plan forGlobal unification with power divided by a select few. Thats what they want I’m not saying if Obama wins that happens the next day.
Add to this that both of the asses mentioned above are avid ant gun. And I mean livid about it. We all know Obama hates guns, he doesn’t believe in the second amendment he has never supported it ever. Yeah he said after the Heller vs DC that he did but it was a lie which is backed up by his voting record in the State and US Senate. His running mate was on of the original draftees of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. These guys will attack firearms owners