Rocky Raczkowski has all the attributes from life, business,military and political experiences that qualify him to be my next  Congressman.  But the one specialty that sets him apart from his opponent Gary Peters is the “it” or electability factor. This is not something a person can learn, you are born with it. Watch him in a crowd or at a townhall how he reaches out to the voters.  Watch him at a parade how he criss-crosses the roads reaching out to the people.  He listens, he talks to them, and always answers phone calls or letters.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I’ve experienced it myself.  I feel ,he truly cares about us, the folks in his district, he cares about our State and he deeply cares about our Country.  When he says that he will work for us, I believe he literally means it.

We need Rocky in Washington, check out his website at www.rockyworksforus.com and donate to his campaign, the GOP and RNC are not supporting him because he is too conservative.