Rocky Works For Us, Gary Peters works For Pelosi

While it took some time for Rocky to come out swinging against the false allegations from his far left liberal opponent Gary Peters, he timed it just right.  On the day of their first debate, Rocky filed suit against Peters for defamation of character and libel. 

During the debate, Rocky was toe to toe with Peters, staying on the issues while Peters kept trying to bring the focus back to the frivolous lawsuit against Rocky.  Peters continued to lie about Rocky’s position on social security and jobs even after Rocky explicitly explained to him that it wasn’t so. Peters had no proof for his lies.

Rocky slammed back hard, at times so much that Peters lost his cool  and  started yelling at Rocky, losing his composure and turning beet red.

The only thing Peters has going for him is the SEIU who was adequately represented as his support, the local democratic chair, and the liberal media. Rocky has the people in his district.  The votes will count more than the money in Peters’ coffer.

Rocky came out with his first tv ad today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdxyJc7v7wM

Please support Rocky, a constitutional conservative candidate that wants to works for us. www.rockyworksforus.com