Common Thread: Cops and Muslims

Where’s the outrage?

After a Muslim Terrorist is successful, we hear the pundits ask, “Where’s the outrage from the Muslim community?” I want to ask the same question of the cop community! IMHO the fraternal brotherhood of law enforcement officers has some splainin to do.

Last week my friend Matt covered the story about the cops shooting the dog in Hawthorn just outside LA… People are protesting about this, and I am not sure that they shouldn’t be.

So lets move on to a couple other videos that I saw over the weekend shall we. I apologize for them being so lengthy, but it is important we don’t take thing out of context.

First up, we have a law abiding citizen who knows what his rights are cause a cop to blow a gasket… damn that pesky Constitution thingy:

Next up we have another law abiding citizen just video taping a military drill on public property…

Two of the three incidents above seem to be the a result of videotaping law enforcement, but according to Time Magazine:

The most powerful weapon against police misconduct — taping cops with cell-phone cameras — is getting support from the courts

Now please don’t get me wrong, I really do not believe that all cops are bad, hell, some of my best friends are cops. I do believe that just like we need to hear more from the Muslim community snitching on and denouncing terrorists, we need a few honorable cops to snitch on and denounce the bad ones. But every time I have the bad cop conversation with a “cop” friend, they seldom, if ever find fault in the way things were handled and try to explain how stressful their job is…

Well frankly, if you aren’t going to start condemning and letting others know about the bad ones, then you are no better than the ones in the videos above. We the People have rights, some of us even know what they are and exercise them… if that pisses you off, too bad, so sad. Suck it up and respect them, or get a different job.

And to those of you out there that don’t know what your rights are, I suggest you check out: FlexYourRights.org. (That will piss them off!) They have a lot information that the police would just as soon you not know. Maybe that’s being a little tough on them, but believe me when I tell you, they will take every advantage of your ignorance and unwillingness to exercise your rights. Use them or lose them!

And for the LEO out there that are “professionals” that take pride in your work, I’ve got something for you too… Please just give it a try…

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