The Leviathan: Protecting its interest

What is the Leviathan? “The Leviathan” is a book by Thomas Hobbes (1660). Any book can be read and interpreted differently depending on the perspective of those who choose to chew on the words within. But for me, Hobbes’ “Leviathan” may be just as pertinent (if not more) than “1984”. Hobbes’ “Leviathan” spawned an early consideration and theory that has become known as “Hobbesian Theory” The theory argues that the people should happily surrender some of their liberties/freedoms and in return the Leviathan (State) will promise and provide absolute security for those that are willing to sacrifice freedom for security. Tragedies/wars are an unfortunate reality in the real world. Utopia is not. I, for one, would gladly choose to live in a bit of fear than not enjoy the liberties and privacy that have been given to me by my creator and celebrated by this great experiment that is the United States of America.

A Facebook update from a friend caught my attention:

“Conservatives have learned how to do video calls on our CB radios. Figure that one out.”

Interesting… Having wrote, “Somebody, Please let me know when it’s OK to Freak Out!” a few months earlier, I find myself asking that question again. Realizing that the world can’t be change in a few weeks time, a person finds a way to calm themselves with hope that there’s still time – it can still be changed. It’s not looking like it.

I say that because the very next update in my Facebook timeline was this…

Democratic Congressman: ‘Not Fair’ To Subject Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else

These pompous bastards believe they are not “subject” to the laws they make. It is their belief that “We the People” (WTP) are their “subjects!” And as of today, many people in America are ready and willing to play the role, not realizing they’ve just been cast as the useful idiot.

Many hoping to gain more from the system will say, “Take my guns, take my free press, send the IRS to persecute the dissenting masses. Collect communications so we can easily track and root out the dissenters.” These useful idiots will help their masters consolidate power. Power to make sure everything is equal! Looking at what the congressman above had to say, the useful idiots better wake up.

I’ll circle back to that later, but for now, take a look at these tweets from CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson:


I wonder if Big Brother can tell us who is hacking Ms. Attkisson’s computer, or is it possibly the Leviathan itself? Isn’t that a federal crime, and isn’t this something should be investigated? I doubt that this incident is important enough for the Leviathan’s attention, after all, it’s very busy keeping us “safe.”

Meanwhile, the Republicans tell us that they are getting rid of Obamacare, voting to repeal it over and over. Those same republicans then fund it to the tune of BILLIONS! Marco Rubio and Marko Zuckerberg are holding hands on immigration reform, and Boehner is begging for a threesome? What happened Marco, it’s like the Tea Party never knew ya. And if you or your staff read this, either take me off your mailing list, or just forward it on to La Raza.

Others in the Big Government machine, out right lie to the people sent to represent us, or give answers like, “we could have saved 3000 people on September 11 if WTP would have only given up their right to privacy earlier.” What the hell happens to these people who are sworn to uphold the Constitution written for OUR protection? I believe there is a standard introduction to the Leviathan; “Any power you have comes from me. Feed me and keep me thriving and I will keep you around?” It’s clear that message is well understood.

The leadership of Republican Party bought it. They claim a shared belief in limited government where freedom reigns, but it’s a lie. The Leviathan has them confident the end justify the means. Ms. Coulter is right; “IF THE GOP IS THIS STUPID, IT DESERVES TO DIE.”

The time to “freak out” has past… all that’s left is a hope that someone, or some party can organize and communicate to the majority of Americans. Helping them understand that a larger and more powerful Federal Government is not the answer.

Brave individuals, that are aware of power and intent of the Leviathan are trying to fight back. The “attack dogs” have been unleashed upon them; they will not be allowed to survive in the court of public opinion, the polling booth, or possibly at all. This is the same strategy used in the Halls of Congress. Those with enough conviction to speak out become known as “the fringe.” And if you want to keep your seat in the House or Senate, you best stay away from “the fringe.”

So… no freaking out for me! I am just checking eBay for a CB radio, and watching out the window for black helicopters, while waiting for a person, or a party to LEAD. I fear if they don’t get here soon, people will join together in the streets demanding the Leviathan drawn and quartered. There is an expression for this; Revolution.

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.

Edmund Burke

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