WH planted the Code Pink Protester

C’mon now that is just one of those vast right-wing conspiracy theories to get you to come read my blog… Really? This one pretty much wrote itself.

Yesterday, I came across this tweet…

How does she get in? That’s a damned good question!

A little while later, I see this tweet…

It made me curious, so I ended up at the National Defense University website…

Troubling… NDU makes it pretty clear that she was given access off the media list. Then they go on to say, “Ask the White House?”

So if I am understanding this correctly, “Code Crazy” is on the White House media invite list?

Then I do another Google search to see if I can find anything and I come up with this:

In light of the planted question (the one that the White House coordinated regarding the IRS targeting), is it safe to ask:

Did the people surrounding the President invite this well known protester to the President’s speech without his knowledge?

We know just like many other actors he needs a teleprompter.

Is every thing about this administration staged to deceive the American people?

Oh never-mind, this just sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory…

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