Somebody Please let me know when it’s OK to Freak Out!

My father and his brothers had to hoe a row of corn, sleep with goats to stay warm, and fetch water for Grandma. They were the kids in high school that smelled like cow manure, and at the time, a lot of people did. He got beat (the kind they made illegal now) for his brothers doing something wrong, simply because he was the oldest and wasn’t paying attention. While he was in the Air Force, he sent his paychecks home so his parents could upgrade to indoor plumbing. He probably had to walk in the snow, uphill in both directions, to get to school too. It seemed funny when I was younger, but Dad’s biggest fear was that his kids wouldn’t be ready to live that way… God forbid we’d ever need to.

But why would we ever have to live like that?

Before WW II his parents were living large in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Grandpa, who I never met, owned several body shops right up until WWII started.  I think he tried to hold on in Milwaukee but finally ended up moving his family up to a farm in central Wisconsin. No one ever talked about it, but I am pretty sure that moving to the farm made him ineligible for the draft, or maybe he was dodging it all together. If that’s the case, I’m kind of glad I never met him.

Since I am my fathers son, I am capable of changing my own oil, replacing a light switch (without pulling a fuse or shutting off the breaker), pulling a trap to clear a clog and my personal favorite, curing and smoking meat, the old school way.  Something I really hate not being able to do now that I live in the city. Oh yeah, the city, Washington, DC.  Yeah, it sucks just about as much as you imagine.

But let me get back to the reason for this publically shared thought. I like to think of myself as a levelheaded conservative. In my book, Beck is borderline crazy. Alex Jones is obviously off the deep end. But I have a confession. When I was watching the GOP primary debates, I found that I agreed with the tinfoil hat-wearing Congressman from Texas. Never in million years would I vote for him. He is, in my view is certifiable (#2). From his recent tweet about an American hero to his trutherism, Ron Paul was, is, and always will be an unacceptable choice for President for me.

But then today I ran across this:

Could Martial Law Be Right Around The Corner For Americans?

At Breitbart…

I read the piece, which isn’t prominently featured at the site, but it is up at BREITBART!!??!!!???

This is the stuff that we don’t talk about because we don’t want others to think we are the kind of crazy usually reserved for Ron Paul and Alex Jones! Or is it that we don’t talk about it because we want to keep from freaking out ourselves? We keep hoping that America is not past the tipping point, but at times are left to wonder. It’s not like we have a President that wants a different America.

Could our financial system fail? If it does, would America look like Greece? Could our own government be gearing up for civil unrest? Could our federal government be attempting to register every gun in America? What if the President is receiving advice telling him its “a-ok” to kill Americans with military drones? Do you feel like a frog hanging out in a pot trying to decide whether or not the water is getting hotter?

I am just asking questions and wondering if anyone else has the same ones, or maybe even some answers. I really would like for Dad to be wrong, but have learned from experience that betting against him is usually a losing proposition!