#TCOT's co-founder asks Mike Duncan to step aside.

Michael Patrick Leahy, co founder of Top Conservative on Twitter and the TCOTReport wrote an article today asking Mike Duncun to withdraw from the race for RNC Chair. 

From Michael’s blog:

There are a few who defend Duncan’s leadership. They claim he is a good manager of resources. This argument sounds to me like recommending the captain of the Titanic, had he survived the tragedy, to captain the very next transatlantic passenger ship voyage on the grounds that the kitchen of the Titanic did not once run out of rolls during the entire voyage…

His article goes on to talk about the grassroots conservative efforts taking place now to rebuild the broken Republican Party. 

The first, and arguably the most recognized of these efforts, the Rebuild the Party movement, was launched by Patrick Ruffini, who set forward a detailed action plan for the party just days after the election loss.


Other movements, such as Smart Girl Politics, and the #dontgo movement, and the New Republicans, are also spurring the growth of grass roots movements, as well as the group of which I am the co-founder, Top Conservatives on Twitter, which at this moment has over 1,500 members and is growing fast.

This type of grassroots activism is what it is going to take to rebuild our party.  You may not have a vote, but you do have a say about who the next RNC Chairman is.  The names and email address of those who do have a vote can be found here

Supposedly, Mike Duncan intends to respond, this may get interesting…