The New Strategy

I have a new strategy too.

Republicans refuse to support this and put the bailout on the shoulders of the Dems. If they want it, let them OWN it.

I have said this before, this is the tip of the iceberg in the upcoming financial crisis, and this bandaid is NOT going to fix it! Will the market recover a bit if passed? Maybe, but for a very short period of time.

Will we lose in 08? Most likely! Especially with the Maverick now supporting a bill with all these earmarks now attached. Good thing he spent half the debate railing against the PORK, only now to be filling the trough!?!?

The outcome is Dem controling everything, the financial crisis continues and worsens! The blame can be laid at their feet. Just like we routed the house and senate 2 years after Slick Willy came to office, we will do the same in 10. Offering up Jindal in 12 with his track record of getting things taken care of in Louisiana, he will be a shoe in.


The last thing we need right now is more government.